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HALO Charleston

Last week I worked on creating a video for a local restaurant, HALO Charleston. The owner is launching a Kickstarter fundraiser to help with renovations. I’m not 100% content with the video toning, but I’m still learning to navigate Color in FCP Studio.



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Introducing Myself

I am doing my best to catch up with these blog postings and review all of your websites and the work you have all accomplished. I was the alternate chosen to fill in for Abir, who unfortunately cannot make it to the workshop. I thought I would use this post to introduce myself to all of you.

I’m Craig Hudson. I’m from San Francisco, CA and now live in Washington DC, where I work as a copy aide and freelance photographer at the Washington Post. I am also a sophomore at the Corcoran College of Art & Design studying photojournalism. I’m 19 years old. I began taking photos in 2006. Most of that time was spent shooting cityscapes, but I always knew that I wanted to really work as a photojournalist. Since moving to the East Coast in 2010, I have worked towards that goal.

I have read through each of your bio’s and I hope you will all excuse me for saying, that I am truly honored to be attending this workshop and look forward to meeting all of you. The quality of the work I have seen already is inspiring to say the very least.

Below are a few of my (mostly) recent photos.


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Latin Night

Before moving to Ohio for grad school two years ago, I was one of the photographers for the Charleston Jazz Orchestra.  This week I photographed a few series of education and outreach events the CJO held along with their annual Latin Night concert. Etienne Charles of Trinidad was the special guest and composer. He was commissioned to score a new piece for this show, which he titled Holy City. Since Charles’ first visit to Charleston, SC, he was intrigued by the musical and rhythm connections between the Caribbean and the Holy City, and he strived to highlight that relationship in the piece.

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If you are in NYC or close by please feel invited to come.

Hey it’s me Chad.  Some friends and I are putting on a show.  Many of the NYC photographers who are going to EAW 25, or have gone should be there.  I am very happy to announce that on Monday Oct. 1, Todd Maisel and Mickey Ostereicher from the NPPA will be speaking at 7pm on the rights of photographers, ethics, and what you can do in the field.  They have gone above and beyond for our show.  I can’t thank them enough.  There will also be pie.  Occupie.


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Greetings from Finland,

Sorry for being so late with my updates. Usually the summers in Finland feel short, but this one seemed to be some sort of record. After graduating from the Danish School of Media and Journalism I moved back to Finland. I was working as a contract photographer for a news paper for two busy months and after that I’ve been writing with my thesis. Besides this I’ve been preparing myself for my upcoming long term project about the drug phenomena in Finland. I’m doing the project in collaboration with sociologist/writer Jussi Perälä, who has been investigating drug Scene of Helsinki for the past five years. I haven’t taken any photos yet, but I’ve been busy reading myself into the topic recently. The more I learn about the issue, the more absurd the whole situation seems to be…

Something about my photography: I bought my first camera quite late (around five years ago when I last visited NY). First couple of years I was real camera-geek buying all kinds of useless junk for my gear without taking that many photos. At that time my goal was to take visually stunning photos, not to tell a story. I didn’t think photography as a way to say something. This approach changed a bit in 2009 when I spent four months traveling in asia. I was still taking ¨beautiful¨ shots, but this time I was photographing people instead of flower bouquets and fruit baskets. After my Asia-journey I decided to apply for a master’s program in visual journalism and got in. After I got in I realized how little I knew about photography. I didn’t have clue about storytelling. For these couple of years I’ve been extremely lucky to be surrounded by a group of talented and motivated photographers. I’ve learned a lot, but I still feel as a beginner what comes to photography.

Lately i’ve been shooting a lot on film. I shot my first roll ever this spring using my parent’s point and shoot -camera. I  was surprised how much the camera changed the way I photograph. Besides different formats, I’m interested of using all kinds of visual material in my work. I like to collect small pieces around the topic: letters, postcards, old photographs, videos etc…

Can’t wait to meet you all,


a few random images from this summer:




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The Day After

It’s been a long weekend here in NYC. Everyone I’ve spoken to is exhausted both mentally and physically. Bodies are bruised, minds are bent. You start out a day wondering how you are going to photograph this mess known as Occupy Wall Street. You watch the NYPD pick your friends off one by one. You go home and file images of your friends thrown to the ground with uniformed knees on their backs. We are all use to it. We all go straight back when released. I’ve met some of the most incredible photographers while here in NYC. I hope that those of you coming to town will have a chance to meet them too. The weather in NYC today reminded me of those typhoon days I loved so much back in Taipei. It was the perfect day to stay inside and edit. I am exhausted so I hope it is ok that I just post a link to some of my images instead of posting them here.





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A funny thing happened down at OWS.

Well…I was arrested again.  This one really caught me by surprise because I was just standing  around in the thick of things when Deputy Inspector picked me out of the crowd and said “I am taking you.”  For the second time I was able to shoot behind my back while handcuffed.  I was released in 4 hours, ( last time was 36) but never told what the charges against me were.

OWS Paddy Wagon


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